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Is Snoring ruining your life?

If so then we have a solution that could change your life!


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There is a solution
And it is so simple to use!

Cure Snore is a blend of essential oils held in two different jars that you simply open in your bedroom each night before going to sleep.

Sagging Tissue

Cure Snore helps this tissue to fill with blood and
this stops the tissue sagging and vibrating.

Congested Airways

Cure Snore contains natural essential oils that will open up clear and lubricate
the airways helping you breathe more easily

Helps You Sleep

Cure Snore contains oils that help you and your partner relax and sleep. This means that you wake refreshed.



More than 10,000 people use Cure Snore every day to control the effects of their snoring.



In a recent survey 98% of people reported that Cure Snore had a positive effect on the snoring that was an issue for them



We are so confident that Cure Snore will work for you that we offer a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee.

The solution is

Cure Snore
Nature’s Gift

Hand blended with natural essential oils
Cure Snore is Nature’s cure for snoring

The Price

Cure Snore costs only £17.99 and can lasts for up to 3months!

So that is 3 months of restful sleep for less than the price of a takeaway pizza!
And with a 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.
Why not try Cure Snore today and say good bye to snoring?

Does Cure Snore Work?

Client testimonials

Here a few testimonials from Cure Snore users

I am a firm non believer in all this hocus pocus so I bought this product out of desperation! The first night I used it my husband uttered one snore and that is last I have heard of him! I do not know how it works, the smell is nice but not overwhelming and you need do no more than open the jars and forget about them. It has been a lifesaver! I will be back in 6 months for some more and I would ask the question why this is not a more well known product, I am sure it would save several marriages! We have tried snore strips and bigger pillows and nose pinching and throat sprays and poking in the back and nothing, till now, has worked! Hurray and a happy christmas to me and my sleep filled nights!

Fiona Cox

Happy Cure Snore User

Quick note to say thank you for  Cure Snore. Having been used to Boots Stop Snore for many years it has become more difficult to obtain recently and more expensive.  In desperaration I looked on the internet and came across your Product  The smell was interesting but from night one  a slight snore and from night 2  peace for my wife. Whatever Oils you have blended certainly combine to stop “Snoring”   One Happy Wife after many years  of intermittent nights .   Thanks a lot Peter

Peter Greenman

Happy Cure Snore User

I took pity on my husband at Christmas and began to look for something – I’d no idea what – that would stop my snoring but would not involve him wearing ear plugs or me wearing something uncomfortable.  Cure Snore was at the top of my internet search; despite my interest in aromatherapy oils I did feel a bit sceptical. However the price was reasonable and the money back guarantee reassuring so we sent off for it by return post.  And it works!  I still sometimes snore but it’s at a considerably reduced rate of decibels, he tells me.  The lavender smell is very strong in the room for a week or so, then either the scent diminishes or we have got used to it.  I’ve been using Cure Snore for four weeks – my husband is delighted with its effectiveness!

Fiona, Lancaster

Happy Cure Snore User

Recommended and used by GP’s

GP’s recommend Cure Snore to their patients. They even use it themselves.

Single Postage Fee

We send out our products via Recorded Delivery First Class

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with Cure Snore just return the jars to us within 30 Days for a full no quibble refund.